5 little joyful things that are happening in your daily life

Life has a way of feeling tough sometimes up until the point that you start to feel sorry for yourself. You have the tendency to feel that the problems are always for you to deal with and that everyone else leads a perfect life. Negative emotions and thoughts are filling up your head and heart and suddenly your day or week seems like a chain reaction and the bad happenings don’t seem to stop.

What happens in your life and the way you feel is all in your own power. You have the power to stop feeling sorry for yourself and notice and appreciate the good things that are happening to you. If you would start paying attention to those, chances are that you will attract more of them.

Here are a few of our daily joys that we don’t seem to appreciate enough:

1. That first sip of coffee

2. The crisp morning air

3. Petting your cat/dog

4. That positivity quote you stumble upon which makes your day.

5. When your favorite song starts playing on the radio.