20 tiny ways to make yourself a happier person every day

1. Keep your favorite books in a certain place to reread paragraphs (or even the entire book) when you need to or feel like it.

2. Cook your favorite meal (even if it’s not the healthiest).

3. Give a compliment to a stranger.

4. Make a vision board with goals that you want to achieve in this new year.

5. Clean up your working area. Level up and clean your entire room.

6. Give gratitude and sum up 5 things that made you happy today.

7. Charge your phone so that you don’t have to stress about an empty battery. Level up and buy a spare charger so you can keep it in your bag at all times.

8. Write down the things you worried about a year ago that still matter today. Write down the things you worry about today, compare both list and be realistic with yourself and think about the fact if they are so important to you that you will still worry about them in a year.

9. Look at the stars at night. Think about how far they are and that they probably don’t even exist anymore, yet you can still admire them. Think about how small you are and how much you are able to achieve because we’re here. We’re part of this universe where anything is possible for everyone.

10. Look in the mirror and list up your most favorite features about yourself.

11. Sing. Out loud. In the shower. In your living room. In the car. Be you.

12. Make a playlist. Fill it with upbeat songs that make you happy and that don’t bring up any sad memories. Call it “My Happy Playlist”. Play it whenever you want to dance and feel happy.

13. Take a walk outside. Even if it’s just around the corner and back.

14. Take a minute to do some deep breathing.

15. Meditate before you go to bed to get rid of all the noise in your head.

16. Keep a journal. Write some things that you want in life as if you already had them.

17. Wake up 10 minutes earlier each day and allow yourself to start the day at a slower pace.

18. Write down all the things you’ve accomplished in the past year. Small or big.

19. Turn off your phone for at least 30 minutes a day.

20. Tell yourself how happy you are to be you.

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