15 ways to pick yourself back up

Having the worst day, experiencing a mental breakdown or just not knowing what to do you with your life anymore. Does this sound familiar? It’s because it is. 
We all go through these moments because we’re human. The problem is that we don’t often talk about having a bad day anymore because we live in a world were perfection is something we strive for. We often even feel ashamed for feeling the way we do.

I have mental breakdowns, quite a lot of them honestly. And these are my tips on how I overcome them when they’re happening:

1. Practice living in the NOW

Don’t look back at your past for it is not here anymore and don’t think about your future since it’s not here yet. Live in the present moment and enjoy every moment to the fullest like it’s your last one. The only time you can fully enjoy is right now.

2. Love and appreciate

Love is what aligns us with the Universe. Love is what grows stronger, love is the root for all good in life. You can either choose to love and appreciate or to hate. We only attract what we send out to the Universe. Choose wisely.

3. Positive thinking

In alignment with my previous point, there’s positive thinking. Have you ever noticed how we can be prejudiced by someone because someone else spoke badly about them, even though in the end, it’s actually a pretty nice person? We attract negative emotions by negative thinking. In another way, we can look at “bad” happenings in a way that it doesn’t seem all that bad anymore by positive thinking.

4. Cry

It’s okay to have a good cry. We are often told that we need to “man up” by society, that we’re weak when we cry and that we aren’t supposed to cry in public. We feel ashamed when we show emotions these days. We’re not robots, you guys. We aren’t programmed to be inhuman. Have a cry when you need to and don’t apologize for it.

5. Listen to funky music

Music can make our moods go up. Choose music that isn’t attached to any bad memories. Choose music that’s new, a song you never heard of or maybe some 80’s music. For me, 80’s music is barely attached to any memories I have, so I tend to listen to that instead of going on a trip to memory lane when listening to Mariah Carey that reminds me of that time my high school boyfriend cheated on me. It won’t help me feel any better. Have a dance, listen to music that brings out the disco guy/gal in you!

6. Bake/cook

Allow yourself some comfort food. Plus, cooking and baking can bring your mind off of the things you’ve kept your mind on for a little too long which caused you to have this breakdown you want to get out of.

7. Meditation

Meditation allows you to observe what you feel and think. It also allows you to let it go afterwards and feel reborn when you end the session. You don’t have to sit at home on a carpet cross-legged to meditate. You can just do it anywhere. Observe your body. What do you feel, what are you thinking of. Then allow yourself to feel this way and then let it go. Observe what’s right in front of you. The person sitting in front of you on the bus, the flame of the candle you’re looking at, the rain on the window. Observe what is and go back to your roots to let go of stress and negative emotions.

8. Journal

Writing down your feelings can be of great help! Writing it down can be a way to let it go. Think of it in this way: writing down what you feel or what you’re struggling with is a way to let it go out of your system and let it be the paper’s problem now.

9. Talk about it

Have a talk with someone you can trust. Talk about your issues and let someone else look at it from their perspective. Maybe they can help you with anything. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either. Chances are they will be happier to help you out than to sit there and wait for it to pass.

10. Go out for a walk

Be alone with nature, look at what you pass on your walk outside. Look at the trees, listen to the birds. Allow yourself to get lost in this for a moment. Going out in nature can restore the balance in your mind and lowers your blood pressure. Getting out more often can also improve your memory, is a good addition in fighting depression and just your overall well-being and mental health.

11. Make a list

Checking off things can leave you with such a satisfying feeling! Make sure to have separate lists for your goals, your to do’s short term and long term even your frustrations or pet peeves.

12. Laugh

There’s just nothing a Jim Carrey movie can’t solve, right?

13. Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe from unhealthy newsletter, messages, mailing lists. Unfollow accounts that give you a bad vibe or the ones that don’t make you feel better about yourself. What helped me personally is to unsubscribe from any media newsletters, I don’t have any news website as my homepage anymore and I avoid watching the news or listening to the radio. The media is feeding off of bad energy and makes the world a little worse than it already is, they keep stirring in pots to make profits out of it and I just feel way better for not supporting these actions anymore.

14. Sleep

You need sleep! Sleep 6-8 hours minimum per night! Turn off your screens at least 30 minutes before going to bed and read a book so you have a better night’s rest. Don’t eat a few hour before going to bed and don’t snack things like chocolate or chips in the evening hours. Don’t drink too much either, because you might end up going to the toilet the entire night.
I used to struggle with nightmares and hypnopompic hallucinations which are basically hallucinations in the waking-up process. I tried medication but nothing really helped. Then someone told me to sleep on my belly instead of on my back. I don’t experience having that many nightmares anymore.

15. Allow yourself a treat

But in moderation of course! Try to do the first above mentioned things first. You might have this feeling that you really need that glass of wine, and when you do, don’t hate yourself for it. Instead enjoy it with your full attention. But chances are, after finishing the points above, you won’t even want the glass of wine anymore. You’ll feel fine as it is already.

I believe in you!

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