15 differences between love and a crush

I always thought that having a crush on someone was the same as falling in love. I thought that in some way having a crush would just turn into love like that. Feeling the intensive need to be with someone all the time, looking at their pictures 24/7, going crazy for not being with them, thinking that they’re awesome and cool and that they would look nice on your arm isn’t necessarily love. It’s most likely just a crush. Until you experience love, you might think that having a crush and being in love goes hand in hand. Let me tell you some of the differences between being in love and having a crush:

1. Being in love is a deep experience while having a crush is shallow.

2. Love goes easy on our emotions. Having a crush is reckless and goes with major ups and downs. It makes you feel heartbroken a lot.

3. Love gives you energy. Having a crush can be draining.

4. Being in love is being in love with this person as he/she truly is while having a crush on someone is mostly being in love with the idea of this person rather than how they truly are.

5. Love is kind and generous, a crush can be selfish and possessive.

6. Love is timeless. A crush had a limited time of existence.

7. Love grows with friendship and trust. A crush grows with desire for as long as it’s fun.

8. You’re left heartbroken when you lose love. A crush breaks your heart more during the relationship.

9. Love is exclusive and monogamous. A crush is never happy with one person and often undefined.

10. Love gives you a comfortable feeling. A crush is more intense and can make your feel and go crazy.

11. Love grows slowly. A crush happens fast and instantly.

12. Love forgives. A crush breaks up.

13. Love is mature. A crush is childish and won’t often develop itself in a grown up relationship.

14. Love is integrated in your life and makes you a better person. A crush makes you forget you have a life and makes you neglect everything in it.

15. Love can heal you. A crush can tear you apart.

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