20 things I already did in my twenties before settling down

I’m being as can be at the age of 27 and I’m not even bothered. I always dreamed of being married with kids at the age of 27, but I guess life turned out a little different than expected. And that’s okay. I was able to check off a lot of boxes in the mean time of things that I wanted to do before settling down.

Here are 20 of them:

1. Travel outside of Europe

2. Learn how to cook proper meals

3. Publish a book

4. Get a tattoo

5. Spend the weekend binge watching series, eating fast food with tears running down my face from laughter.

6. Spend lots of quality time with my brother, who I missed for years due to being in toxic relationships

7. Fall in love

8. Go through heartbreak and survive it only to bounce back a lot stronger!

9. Treat myself for dinner, books, nail treatments and massages.

10. Enjoy time on my own

11. Spread positivity into this world

12. Learn to forgive

13. Learn to be grateful, even for the little things

14. Talk to strangers

15. Love myself

16. Embrace my inner child

17. Read lots of books

18. Giving second chances

19. Testing myself and pushing my own limits. Being ambitious

20. Taking care of my mental health, learning mindfulness, cherish the time here and now, with me being who I truly am.

Don’t wait for someone to complete you, as you are already a whole person on your own. Start living instead of waiting for someone to give you all that you can give yourself in the meantime.