15 things I would want to ask the guys who didn’t want me anymore

I hate it when being let down without any decent explanation. With promises about coming back. With excuses that make no sense. It makes it no easier to move forward. Instead you stand still for a while, waiting for them to return. Which eventually almost never happens.

As far as I go, I just keep standing still wondering where it went wrong. These are some questions that keep creeping in my head, waiting to be answered, even though I know it will never happen.

1. Were you ever serious about me?

2. Was your plan ever to date me in the first place?

3. Did I do something wrong?

4. Were you ever interested in me?

5. Did you find someone better?

6. Did our conversations even mean anything to you?

7. Were you leading me on?

8. Did you want an ego boost?

9. Did I push you away?

10. Was I a mistake?

11. Were you lying to me?

12. How did you feel about me?

13. Did you know this was temporary from the start?

14. Was I the only one who felt a connection?

15. Do you even miss me?