Remember this on Valentine’s Day (no matter your relationship status)

Love is beautiful, and it is kind. If you think you found love and it isn’t kind, it’s probably not love. Love knows its ups and its downs, but it is always gentle and always know its way out.

It’s okay to need someone holding your hand, and it’s okay to need space. Just because you allow someone their space or they give you yours, doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. It means you love each other so much you can let them spread their wings in their own breathing space.

Romance isn’t about materialistic things, it isn’t about the big moment where your significant other proposes to you. We don’t need to live up to that moment. Love is about enjoying the tiny moments. The small gestures like the sparkle in their eyes, the gentle touch of their lips, the compliments that show you how special you are to them. Notice those gestures, live in the present moment so you don’t miss out on these moments that are crucial in your life.

Your self-worth isn’t based on your relationship status. Whatever your relationship status currently is, you are worthy. You are loved. You are important and have value in this world.

Love comes in different forms. It can be the love between a daughter and a mom, a son and his father, a brother and a sister, a husband and a wife, a husband and a husband, and so on. A relationship isn’t always romantically and you don’t need to celebrate big moments with a partner. You can celebrate each moment of your life with anyone you love.

We all show our love in different ways. We all have a different love language, and when we get to know one another, we have the privilege to get to know their love language as well. When you’re in between relationships, or even if you are currently in one, get to know yourself on this level as well and find out how you express your love. Pay attention to what the people around you need but don’t forget to give attention to your own needs.

There are people around you who love you and you love in return. Have you told them already today? Appreciate them and treasure them. Be grateful to have them in your life. Don’t lock your heart away, for anyone. Because we get hurt in life. We do. And life goes on, and we should love ourselves enough to allow ourselves love from other people as well. Because love is beautiful. And it is kind.

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