5 tips to boost your life and get out of a rut

It happens to the best of us. We get caught in routine and our life begins to feel less and less exciting. We need to actively come up with new ways to keep our life fresh and joyful. This is for the people who have forgotten about uplifting their lives lately:

1. Allow life to surprise you

Don’t control every single aspect of your life. Give your life the chance to develop itself and let it surprise you every so often. Say yes to crazy offers like going on a blind date, or to a party. Say yes to going out with a group of people where you only know one person of. Sometimes our most amazing moments come unexpectedly.

2. Receive love

We are a stubborn race, us human beings. We need to accept help, love and friendship if it offers itself. Accept the compliments people are giving you, accept small presents, let yourself be loved. You deserve it.

3. Talk to a stranger

The world contains 7 billion people and you have only 300 Facebook friends and at least half of them could count as strangers. You meet new people daily when you’re picking up your coffee order, on the bus, in bookstores, on the street. Attract and allow new, cool people in your life.

4. Leave the past behind

In order to move forward, you have to face forward and leave the past behind. Don’t go back on trips down memory lane and don’t think about the paths you shouldn’t have walked down or the ones you didn’t take, don’t think about how the past has let you down and how much it could have been different right now. Your life can change in a heartbeat. Yes, also for the better. Give yourself the chance to see how beautiful your life can be when pointing in the right direction.

5. Pick it up!

Pick up a new hobby or exercise routine like yoga, tennis, or start working out in the gym. Take an art class or learn how to play an instrument. Whatever excites you. Let the endorphins flow!

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