5 things that made me realize I was ready to fall in love again

1. Falling in love is amazing. It has hurt in the past, but at this point I feel as though I love myself enough to not let it hurt me anymore if I would be the only one falling. Love is a beautiful thing and the fact that you are ready to open yourself up because you’re finally strong enough, and loving yourself enough for it, is a wonderful experience on its own.

2. When I first started to see the good in people again, felt more positive about life, I knew something was growing. I knew my soul was blossoming again. The first time trusting someone with a story, a secret and your heart are milestones who are worth giving yourself a pat on the back for. You’re not that broken person anymore who hates everyone and will never trust again. This growth shows you’re strong enough to conquer someone else’s heart again.

3. Compromising was something I wouldn’t do for a very long time. Because I just thought no one deserved it and I thought it would mean breaking my heart again. Turning soft again. Instead when I was finally strong enough to let love in, I became strong enough to compromise as well. Compromising and breaking your own rules doesn’t mean that your weak. It means that whenever you turn soft, you’re also strong enough to keep loving yourself and to set your own boundaries.

4. For me, my comfort zone is my small apartment. It’s my cat and my books. It’s my art. I kept so many secrets and there are so many feelings in my work and in my house. I know I’m ready to let someone in if I finally let them in my personal space and comfort zone again. I wasn’t able to do this for a very long time, especially when someone could be that special someone. I felt as if I wouldn’t be seen as good enough or they might know too much of my soft spots. It felt as if they could break me by showing them me being comfortable in my comfort zones.

5. It still feels scary but in a good way to open myself up to love again. Being alone feels comfortable but I also long to be with someone who respects and appreciates me and my home suddenly doesn’t feel like a place to run to anymore. It feels like a place I’m more able to share than to keep for myself.