10 things I’d like to say to my 20 year old self

1. You won’t be able to change people and you never will. Shitty people will remain shitty people. You will also never have the right amount of change in your pocket by the way.

2. Your acne will still be there in 7 years.

3. You will travel and enjoy it. You will be an adventurous person.

4. You will keep your shitty taste in men, but will always believe in love and will eventually love yourself enough to search for the right guy.

5. You will lose a lot of friends, and you’ll cry over it. But the more you lose, the more you realize you’re better off without them anyway. People who really care won’t run out on you.

6. You will love your body so you might as well start loving it today.

7. You will be the artist you always wanted to be. People’s opinions aren’t worth your sadness, you’ll prove them wrong.

8. You will fall a lot, but you’ll be more than strong enough to stand up every single time again.

9. You’ll do crazy things, be an emotional wreck sometimes, you’ll overthink everything but will act impulsively from time to time. You’ll fail and you’ll succeed.

10. You’ll still be an amazing, kind-hearted person. Enjoy your time because everything will be fine.

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