A new journey for the both of us

My personal mental health development and growth hasn’t been an easy road. It has been a long road with lots of hard work and dedication, medication and motivation.
Making a blog was something I always wanted to do, but not about my journey while still struggling. I had no idea that what I was going to talk about would be relevant since I had no idea yet of what the outcome would be.
Now that I’m absolutely sure that I’m in the best possible mental state, that I’m feeling great about myself and have gone through lots of therapy along with readings and processing lots of documentation, I’m 300% sure that I can help others now as well with finding their light at the end of their tunnel.

I always felt cursed because I went through all these things like mental and sexual abuse, domestic violence, depression, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD and so much more to list. This year though, I went through a huge growth mentally and personally and I developed a higher level and found the path to enlightenment.

Now, I feel blessed for going through all these things because I found out that the reason I went through this, is to be able to help others get through it in the end. I know I shared and will keep sharing a lot through my illustrations and comics and I want to help everyone who DM’s me and emails me with their struggles and I want to guide you so you will find that enlightenment and alignment in your life as well. So I decided to start a coaching business and help every single one of you if you let me from 2019 onward.

I offer one on one talks for personal coaching through Skype (which is online to keep the threshold to coaching as low as possible -I know how it feels like to have to go to someone physically who often doesn’t know anything about what you went through), but I also made this blog to help those of you who can’t do or afford coaching right now. This offers you a first level boost to get you through the week and helps you develop a healthier and better mindset.
I will share my experiences and what I learned through my blogposts and art, while through coaching we’re going to focus on what you go through right now and I’ll help you personally and only based on your struggles to a better state of mental health.

I will post every Monday to boost your week and on Friday to kickstart your weekend and will share it on my socials so you don’t have to miss out on anything. Make sure to follow my new Facebookpage for this blog to get notified about new blogposts here and also on Instagram here and I will keep sharing motivational and witty illustrations and update about a new blogpost on my illustration Instagram page here

Thank you for reading, I hope to be able to help you a lot more through writing and coaching now as well.


Ps: If you’d like to schedule your appointment for coaching, please be quick and aware of the fact that I’m doing this alone and with one on one talks, so spots are limited. Thank you so much for understanding.

If you’re interested in coaching please click here

To schedule your appointment(s), please email me at prudence@prudencetalks.com